Cashback is the money you earn that is deposited into your e-wallet after a successful purchase through Yakoyo. This virtual money is converted to real cash and paid into your bank account upon request.

No. We are a FREE CASHBACK website. You do not have to pay anything for using this CASHBACK site. You also get a sign-up bonus for joining the platform.
There are no hidden charges or cost whatsoever, when you shop through us. Yakoyo will never ask you for any fees or payments, but rather you will earn cash when you shop through us.
YAKOYO team works with thousands of leading e-commerce stores and other credible store, we continually add up more retailing stores as deemed fit. You can search for store name using the search bar and choose the best offers for yourself.
When you shop online or offline via Yakoyo.com, we give you a CASHBACK. This Cashback is a certain percentage of money that gets logged into your e-wallet from the purchase of goods and services (This money can be withdrawn as cash or converted to a shopping voucher that can be used to shop when it reaches the approved threshold). The CASHBACK percentage varies depending on the category you shop from.
How to Shop and Earn?
Login to Yakoyo.com
Search for the store or category you want to shop from; Click to the store or website through YAKOYO LINK; Shop and pay on the online store like every normal check out process online; For offline shopping. After transactions.
Ensure you upload your receipts on www.yakoyo.com as prove in order for you to get your CASHBACK.
Within 48 hours of confirmed transaction and payment, your e-wallet would be credited.

This takes between 48-72 hours after transaction has being confirmed for your CASHBACK to be credited into your e-wallet for online and offline transactions. However, for goods with return policy, it takes between 2-3weeks for cash back to be paid – this is the period when the item can no longer be returned to the retailer, and thus count as a successful transaction.
Once you log on to your Yakoyo account, you will see a navigation bar showing MY ACCOUNT. You can click on this to see details of all CASHBACK earned.
Go to your Browser Settings
Clear all cache and cookies, these may be the reason why the merchant link is not opening. However, if this is done and yet nothing is working, kindly contact our customers support team via email or phone call on: contactus@yakoyo.com or +234 708 682 8074, +234 708 451 0597
No. The cash back program is a benefit offered solely to members by www.yakoyo.com and not the retailing merchants.
Your cash back may be declined due to any of these reasons:
i. You returned the product/s, cancelled the purchase or amended the order.
ii. You did not complete the transaction on Yakoyo.com.
iii. You failed to comply with the store's terms and conditions.
You can either withdraw your CASHBACK or convert it to shopping voucher when you earn a minimum of #3000 and above.
No. You can neither use nor covert your CASHBACK earnings if it is not up to #3000.

To make sure you always earn cashback from Yakoyo.com, establish and maintain an Active Account with us. Also ensure you are signed in into your account before clicking through to individual stores. And for offline store transactions, ensure you come back and upload your receipt or proof of payment to you Yakoyo.com account.
If your cashback is not showing in your account, it could mean that you did not login and shop through our platform. If that’s not the case, then click on missing cash back and submit your query. We would take it up from there.
You need to sign up on Yakoyo.com with your personal details for you to earn cashback on the platform. Any click through to our affiliate partners “without” you having an account with us will not earn you cashback.
To ensure that your account is always secure, multiple email addresses cannot be added. However, you can replace your current email address with a new one anytime you want by going to MY ACCOUNT, and following the steps after you login.
You cannot use an inactive or wrong email address while signing up, because we would be sending you an activation email for you to complete the signing up process of your account. You won’t be able to login into your account if you don’t activate it after sign up.
Your email address helps us provide timely information to you, and also your email address acts as your username for your smooth log in process.
After you login
Click on My Account
Enter your account details
Click on add bank details for receiving every cash back earned.

After you login
Click on my account
Click on support
Send a message requesting to change your bank details
We would take it up from there.
We miss you when you don’t visit us enough, but we never deactivate your account unless your request for it to be deactivated..
You can check your spam messages but if it is still not in your spam contact us through our customer care.
You can contact us through +234 708 682 8074, +234 708 451 0597. On the other hand, you can also get in touch by sending an Email to contactus@yakoyo.com Our Customer Support team is available Monday - Friday from 9am – 5pm for immediate support and weekends, you can leave a mail which we will definitely get back to you within 48 hours.
Although we will not be available to attend to you immediately, you can go ahead and drop a message for our support team. On resumption to work on Monday, your queries would be attended to.
Yakoyo offers reward to its members for referring people to Yakoyo.com. When your friends Sign up on Yakoyo and make a purchase, you earn a cash reward.
A “Referrer” is an already existing member of Yakoyo who invited another participant by using a “Unique Referral Link”. The “referred” is a person who was invited by the “Referrer”.

After you login
A referral link enables Yakoyo to identify who has invited a person to Yakoyo and it is automatically generated by Yakoyo system.
No. You cannot generate or create your own unique referral link. Only Yakoyo has the power to do that and that is why the system is created to auto generate it for you.
-Click on “MY ACCOUNT” menu
-Click on “Refer a friend tab”
-Select and copy your referral link
You can post referral link in different web resources, social networks, text messages, e-mails etc.
You can refer as many as possible.
You earn #100.00 as a referral bonus each time someone you refer signs up on our platform by clicking through your unique referral link.
You will not earn any bonus if any one you refer signs up on our platform without clicking through your unique referral link.

After you login
You get paid your referral bonus only when the person you referred has signed up on our platform and performs a transaction.
No. You will not get paid your referral bonus if the person you referred does not perform any transaction. You only get paid after they have carried out their first transaction.